Produce Bags.

$19.95 inc.GST


These reusable produce bags are an easy alternative for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags when shopping.

Crafted from special rPet fabric, these produce bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles.

Light but strong mesh bags that can hold up to 2 kilos of produce and feature a gusset and drawstring tie.

Weighing in at only 10 grams per bag, these reusable produce bags barely register on a scale and the see through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what is inside your produce bag at a glance.

The bags let water/air flow through so you can use them to wash your produce before popping in the fridge, or simply hang them to keep fresh.

The bags can be washed simply with a cool water handwash when the need arises, or they can be put on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET)
Weighing just 10 grams per bag.
Each bag can carry up to 2 kilos
The bags measure 30cm wide x 25cm high with a 2cm gusset along the bottom and a draw string tie.

Other uses for these bags include:
Bulk Goods eg. dried fruit, nuts, grains.
Laundry bag.
Nut Milk bag.
Fruit tree exclusion.


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